A short animated film, with a song that creates a music video, and at the same time a fabulous story for children. This is a story about Piątus and his friends. It carries the moral that, sometimes everyone will fail, but at the same time everyone is great at something. That’s why you need to look for your talents.


CLIENT: Piątnica piatnica.com.pl/
AGENCY: Plej plej.pl/
PRODUCTION: BrosFX brosfx.com/
ANIMATION DIRECTOR: Michal Socha michalsocha.com/
ILLUSTRATION: Katarzyna Księżopolska ksiezopolska.com/
ANIMATION: Michał Socha, Jakub Socha, Bartek Socha, Olga Brańska.
COMPOSITING: BrosFX brosfx.com/
MUSIC: Sirens sirensmusic.pl/