Gucci #24HourAce | Rita Zimmermann

Mixed-media artist Rita Zimmermann smashes together references from different worlds. Her intricately layered collage images blend of high and low cultural references that challenge our notions of taste and perception. Born and raised in Warsaw, now based in Australia, she got her start as a fashion photographer. In her artistic practice, she brings hints of this elegant background coupled with a playful postmodernist sensibility. For GucciAce, she pairs the romantic heart-adorned sneakers with a virtual reality video game landscape. It’s an unlikely combination, but one that feels perfectly suited to 2016 and beyond. Sneakers help us move in digital as well as physical space.


DIRECTION: Rita Zimmermann
CREATION: Rita Zimmermann
ANIMATION: Kuba Socha BrosFX
SOUND DESIGN: Pawel Miszewski
REALIZATION: BrosFX: 2d animation, compositing


#24hourace movie for Gucci was included in 8th International Fashion Film Festival July 27-29, 2017 in La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Fashion Film Network